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Commercial floor Sweeping Machines

For heavy duty commercial and industrial cleaning jobs, you need the performance and efficiency offered by a commercial sweeper. These sweepers can easily clear away any dirt and filth from roads and industrial and commercial floors. They are also flexible enough to tackle tasks such as grass maintenance, snow moving and more.

Whether you need to walk behind industrial floor sweeping machines or ride on sweepers, at A1 Pressure Washers we have the right sweeper for you. We offer everything from new to refurbished sweepers, all of which provide the highest quality cleaning services. Browse our list of sweepers from Karcher below to find the right one for your needs.

Our Range of Karcher Commerical Floor Sweepers

At A1 Pressure Washers, we have a wide range of new and refurbished sweepers from Karcher that are perfect for any job. Here are some of the main types of industrial floor-sweeping machines we have in stock:

  • Walk-Behind Sweepers – These push operated manual sweepers are perfect for use in a wide range of areas. From footpaths to hallways and courtyards, these sweepers are very easy to use and ergonomically designed to prevent back problems. Faster and more efficient than using a broom, these sweepers also cut down on the amount of dust produced. Perfect for caretakers, tradesmen and contract cleaners.
  • Ride-On Sweepers – These vehicle operated sweepers are perfect for medium to large-sized locations. The roller brushes are built to push large amounts of dirt into the dirt container as well as rubbish, gravel and leaves. This type of sweeper can also adjust to uneven surfaces for more effective cleaning. These sweepers are easy to operate and have inbuilt safety features to prevent accidents.

No matter what type of sweeper you require, all our sweepers are designed to clean surfaces as thoroughly and quickly as possible.

Benefits of Commercial Sweepers

Here are some of the ways that industrial floor-sweeping machines can benefit you:

  • Sweepers are designed to be as user friendly as possible so you will not have to spend time and resources on training. This means anyone can use the sweepers when necessary leaving you free to focus on other business needs.
  • Floor sweepers are designed to consistently offer a high standard of cleaning every time in all situations. These machines have powerful engines designed to clean everything from simple paths to factories and warehouses.
  • While sweepers may seem like a costly investment at first, in the long term they will prove to be well worth the price. This is because sweepers are built for low maintenance and can last a long time without needing repairs or replacements.
  • Sweepers are made with inbuilt safety features that ensure staff can operate them without mishaps. This will lower the risk of workplace accidents. In addition, they are designed for ergonomic handling, reducing the risk of strain or injury.

A1 Pressure Washers

At A1 Pressure Washers we offer a wide range of new and refurbished sweepers as well as a range of cleaning products and services. To find out more please visit our store or get in touch with us today for more information.

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