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Buy Refurbished Pressure Washers & Machines

If you are looking to purchase quality refurbished pressure washers at a bargain price, consider a refurbished power washer. While they are not the latest models.  Refurbished power washers will still deliver fast and efficient cleaning. For multiple surfaces while conserving your hard-earned funds.

At A1 Pressure Washers, we have a huge range of refurbished washers.  Ready to tackle even the toughest of cleaning jobs.  All models have been factory reconditioned to perform as new. We also stock a range of refurbished scrubber dryers and refurbished steam cleaners. A machine for all your cleaning needs.

Our Range of Refurbished Scrubber Dryers & Steam Cleaners

Our selection of refurbished products include the following:

A selection of both cold and hot water refurbished power washers from Mazzoni, Karcher, and Comet. These range from the portable Mazzoni K3005 model stainless-steel cold-water washer.  To the heavy-duty Karcher HDS 1000 DE hot water diesel pressure washer.

Karcher Refurbished sweepers. For effectively cleaning up debris and dirt in a variety of locations. The Karcher range includes compact handheld models such as the S4 Twin Push Sweeper with two side brushes.  Plus rideable models such as the KM 90/60 R BP Advanced. Vehicle driven City Sweeper models are also available upon request.

Our range of Karcher refurbished scrubber dryers scrub and polish multiple surfaces leaving them spotlessly clean. Models include the speedy, compact BR 35/12 C, the highly efficient B40 RS with a unique step-on design. And the rideable BD 100/250 R BP with four settings: sweeping, scrubbing, polishing, and vacuuming.

Our refurbished steam cleaners include the Karcher SGV 8/5 with the vacuum. This product uses pressurised steam to hygienically clean surfaces. These refurbished steam cleaners are especially useful in kitchens, bathrooms, hospitals.  And other places that need to be kept sterile and hygienic.

Why Use Refurbished Power Washers?

The main advantage of purchasing refurbished presure washers is that they deliver.  The same high-quality performance as new washers but with a much lower price tag.  An attractive proposition for those on a restricted budget.

Refurbished power washers are factory tested to ensure their performance is as consistently reliable as newer versions. You can be confident that these products will continue to perform well.  Even beyond their original warranty period.

Often refurbished power washers have only been used a few times as a rental model.  So while still technically second hand they will not have been subjected to a lot of wear and tear.

About A1 Pressure Washers

Since 1988, A1 Pressure Washers have been supplying premium quality cleaning products and services.  To customers in the domestic and commercial markets. We are one of the leading providers of pressure washers in the southeast of England.  And are both the sole distributers of Mazzoni products in the UK.  As well as the main distributor of Karcher products in the area.

For a full range of products and services available browse our online store. For more information contact our friendly team online, by phone, or visit us in person at our Ipswich office.  For affordable, high quality refurbished power washers contact A1 Pressure Washers today!