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Diesel Powered Pressure Washer Trailer Machines

For that extra power to get rid of toughened dirt you need a diesel-powered towable jet wash. Diesel jet wash trailers have that extra strength needed to get rid of any dirt and stains quickly and efficiently.

We have a wide range of diesel pressure washer trailers that are perfect for even the toughest cleaning jobs. If you are after the right diesel-powered wash trailer for your needs then check out our extensive range below. For more details feel free to contact our friendly team who can answer any questions you may have.

Towable Jet Wash Solutions

Benefits of Towable Jet Wash Machines

There are several ways in which using a diesel jet wash trailer can benefit you:

  • The main benefit of diesel pressure washer trailers is their awesome power. They tend to be more powerful than most other washers on the market and can remove even the toughest dirt fast.
  • Jet wash trailers with diesel engines are built to last and have been designed with durability and quality in mind. With proper maintenance and care your diesel washer will last for many more years to come.
  • Because they rely on fuel rather than electricity, towable jet wash trailers with diesel engines can be used anywhere. Just make sure the washer has access to an adequate supply of water and you will be able to take it almost anywhere needed.
  • Diesel engines are more efficient compared to other fuel-based washers. The high compression of diesel engines means that you can use your machine for a lot longer.
  • In addition to lasting longer, diesel engines are much less costly to run. Since they run much more efficiently the parts of a diesel engine are under less stress and less likely to break down. Also, diesel engines are self-lubricating which helps keep the engine healthy and running smoothly for longer.

Where You Can Use Diesel Pressure Washer Trailers

Due to their strength and durability, you can use diesel powered washers for tasks such as:

  • Removing graffiti from buildings and fences.
  • Maintaining buildings by keeping them clear of grime and dirt.
  • Cleaning roads and paths as well as equipment used in building roads.
  • Clearing out large drains and waste disposal systems.
  • Washing down mining equipment and clearing away the debris left during mining.
  • Cleaning equipment used in oil and mineral exploration such as drills.

A1 Pressure Washers

A1 Pressure Washers have been one of the leading suppliers of commercial pressure washers in the East of England for over 30 years.

We offer heavy-duty diesel-powered washers from Karcher and Dirt Driver as well as high-quality custom made pressure washers. In addition, we also supply a selection of refurbished equipment and consumables as well as servicing and chemical contracts for all our products.

To find out more about our impressive range of pressure washers and cleaning products speak with our friendly team online or via phone.

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