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Mazzoni Hot Water Power Washers

When investing in an industrial hot water pressure washer you want to know that you’re getting the best. Heated power washers take on tough jobs, and design and build quality are key.  Accordingly, A1 Pressure Washers are proud suppliers of Mazzoni products.

Indeed, the Mazzoni brand is a world leader in the production of hot water power washers and industrial cleaning equipment. Established in 1969 in Cavriago in Italy, the company’s mission has always been about quality. Built by skilled craftsmen using high-quality materials, for guaranteed reliability.

Industrial Hot Water Pressure Washer Machines

History of Mazzoni

The company started in a small craft workshop and has grown to become the dominant force it is today.

What sets the company apart is that it never lost sight of its initial goals. It has a highly qualified workforce and state-of-the-art equipment. The aim is still to produce the best quality products possible.

All the machine components are manufactured at the Mazzoni plant. This includes electric motors, boilers, valves and pumps. That means consistent quality throughout the process.

Now UK businesses can reap the benefits of Mazzoni products with A1 Pressure Washers. Our Mazzoni products range from an entry-level hot water power washer to a professional high-pressure washer for regular cleaning.

Products are priced within a range to suit every budget.

Mazzoni products at A1 Pressure Washers

The Mazzoni PH2000 is the most powerful of entry-level heated power washers. It’s designed for moderate everyday use. This machine is ideal for cleaning stubborn and encrusted dirt.

The flow rate and pressure mean it can wash large areas without using much power. It’s the perfect choice for businesses like hotels, car showrooms, workshops, and the food industry.

The Mazzoni Firebox features a diesel boiler that generates hot water, turning any cold water washer into a hot water power washer. Coldwater is heated up to 150˚C, making this an ideal machine for degreasing and sterilising.

It has multiple uses for any sector where deep cleaning is required, such as agricultural industries and swimming pools. High performance with low power consumption is a feature of Mazzoni boilers, and emissions are well within recent European regulations.

Vehicles and machinery

The Mazzoni W6000 3 phase industrial hot water pressure washer is ideal for cleaning vehicles and machinery efficiently. It’s a professional high-pressure washer that comes into its own if you need regular powerful cleaning.

The MEC series electric induction motor can stand up to prolonged use. The machine has a number of built-in safety features. The washer comes with 12 months warranty as standard. This extends to 24 months if purchased along with a service contract.

Why choose A1 Pressure Washers?

A1 Pressure Washers have been established for over 30 years. Over that time we’ve built a solid reputation for supplying premium quality commercial and domestic pressure washers.

We know the business well and have established links with many of the world’s leading manufacturers. If you need some advice or would like to know more about the products we sell, please don’t hesitate to contact us.