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Commercial Hot Steam Pressure Washers – Dirt Driver

Dirt Driver Hot Water Pressure washers are incredibly effective. For some jobs, only a Dirt Driver pressure washer will do. We all know how important it is to keep our living and working environment clean.

Over recent years, hot water jet wash machines have played a crucial role in achieving this.

Professional Hot Steam Pressure Washer Trailers

Dirt Driver is one of the best known and most highly regarded brands in hot steam pressure washers. Established in 1972 by John Driver, the company is still a privately owned family business. John’s descendants have made sure that the dedication to superb quality has been maintained as the company has grown.

Their mobile, diesel-driven washers are market leaders, and here at A1 Pressure Washers, we are proud to be suppliers.

Dirt Driver Versatility

Not every cleaning job takes place in an area with ready access to electricity. Removing wall graffiti from an urban district within a town or city is one example. But it’s situations like that where a Dirt Driver pressure washer powered by diesel can really come into its own. Other examples include:

  • Construction sites.
  • Street cleaning.
  • Water authorities.
  • Oil decontamination.

Location can also be an issue when it comes to accessibility, but Dirt Driver has that covered too. Whether wheeled or trailer mounted, Dirt Driver hot steam pressure washers are incredibly mobile. Rural areas with limited access are no problem for these sturdy, durable units. You can find out more about how Dirt Driver products could benefit your business by browsing our product pages.

Dirt Driver products

Dirt Driver NDHM-30 Hot water Pressure Washer

This wheeled mobile unit functions as a hot water jet wash, cold water or steam cleaner. Its versatile design provides the perfect cost-effective solution for industrial cleaning. It’s diesel-driven so no electricity is required, making it ideal for heavy-duty site cleaning. From open-cast coal sites and steelworks to railways and city streets, it has the muscle to get the job done. The heavy-duty chassis with stainless steel covers are built to last, and it can feed from a water bowser or mains water supply.

NDM-30 Pressure Washer

Dirt Driver NDHM 30ST Trailer-Mounted Diesel Hot Water Washer

Powerful hot steam pressure washers can be hard to transport to remote locations. But that’s not a problem with this trailer-mounted, diesel-driven unit. It’s powered by a Kubota 4 cylinder slow-speed diesel engine, with 70-litre diesel capacity. The heavy-duty galvanised trailer chassis is durable enough for the roughest terrain. Whatever the location, this unit will provide the cleaning power you need.

NDM-30 ST Trailer Jet Wash

Dirt Driver SSNDHM/ST Trailer-Mounted Diesel Hot Water Washer

This impressive machine offers all the advantages of its sister unit but with even more litres per minute of power. For tough cleaning jobs in tough locations, this Dirt Driver washer provides the perfect solution.

Dirt Driver SSNDHM/ST

The team at A1 Pressure Washers are happy to offer expert advice on any aspect of Dirt Driver washers. Why not call us for more information.
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