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Karcher Professional HD Pressure Washers – Cold Water

Karcher are the world’s leading brand for high quality cold water pressure washers and cleaning products. Karcher professional heavy duty pressure washers come in a range of models that can be used for any number of jobs and suit many different industries.

Each of our Karcher HD products has been designed to be highly mobile, flexible and with the best quality in mind. In this way, Karcher aims to provide you with an easy and effective cleaning process. To find out more about our range of Karcher professional washers please view our list of products below. If you have any further queries about our cold water pressure washers just get in touch with us today.

Karcher HD & CX Models for Every Application

Benefits of Karcher Professional Heavy Duty Pressure Washers

When choosing to purchase a cold water based Karcher professional pressure washer, you will get the following:

  • Karcher cold water washers easily remove mud, dirt and soil. The high powered jets of the washer break up and remove dirt fast and without much labour.
  • The Karcher brand has made their washers with full mobility in mind. Karcher has made them to be as compact and easy to transport as possible. You can also easily load Karcher washers into vehicles and carry them upstairs.
  • Karcher also offers petrol and diesel powered washers that can draw directly from lakes, water tanks and other sources. This is useful in places where there is no electricity to use. This makes them perfect for use on farms, construction sites and more.
  • The Karcher brand has made each product ready for use in a range of industries. From the strict hygiene standards needed by the food industry to the safety levels needed at highly flammable and explosive sites, Karcher designs products ready for use in any field.
  • Karcher offers a range of accessories to extend your washer’s applications. These include high pressure nozzles, hoses, foam systems, mixers and injectors and more.
  • Karcher also has a range of cleaning and care agents that are specially formulated for fast results. These detergents are effective and eco-friendly and you can use them for even the most demanding cleaning tasks.

Applications for Karcher HD Pressure Washers

You can use Karcher professional pressure washers in a range of commercial industries. You can use our Karcher HD products in:

  • Agriculture by keeping hygiene levels on farms and improving the health of animals.
  • Automotive industries by ensuring the cleanliness of vehicles and workplaces.
  • Construction sites by minimising the risk of chemicals and dust.
  • Healthcare by keeping corridors and wards clean and hygienic.
  • Retail by keeping aisles clean from spills or dirt.
  • Public sector services such as schools and sports centres for maximum cleanliness.
  • Industrial sectors such as factories by keeping them free of contamination.
  • Hospitality by removing dirt and grime from guests’ bathrooms and showers.

These are just a few areas where Karcher HD products will prove extremely useful.

About A1 Pressure Washers

Here at A1 Pressure Washers we are the main distributor of Karcher professional pressure washers in the local region. Together with our range of Karcher washers we offer refurbished products, consumables, servicing and chemical contracts.

To find out more about our range of products and services feel free to contact us online or speak with our expert team via phone. For top quality Karcher products contact A1 Pressure Washers today.

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