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Professional Hot Water Power Washer Machines For Sale

If you are looking for a sure way to remove stubborn oil and grease, then a hot water pressure washer is what you need. Hot pressure washers use pressurised hot water to effectively dissolve greasy or oily residue and leave surfaces clean.

Hot power washers are excellent for use in your garage or workshop.  Where oil and grease are likely to congeal. Not only do hot water pressure washers work effectively on surfaces, but above all they can clean engines, automotive parts, and other components quickly and efficiently.

At A1 Pressure Washers, we have a range of commercial hot pressure washers perfect for any cleaning task. Our range includes Mazzoni, Karcher, and Dirt Driver washers.  As well as the Mazzoni Firebox and a range of pressure washer boiler units. From economical hot power washers to industrial-grade steam cleaners, we have everything you need to clean up even the dirtiest of surfaces.

The Benefits of A Hot Pressure Washers

To select the best the hot pressure washers for the job, here are some of the different features you should consider:

  • The biggest advantage of hot power washers is that they’re not only effective to clean mud and dirt but also oil and grease. While other non-hot pressure washers can dislodge oily and greasy resin, only hot water pressure washers can actively dissolve it.
  • Hot pressure washers take considerably less time to clean surfaces than regular pressure washers. Cleaning jobs that normally take hours can be achieved in half the time with hot power washers.
  • Hot power washers will thoroughly and completely remove even the toughest resin, making them the most efficient cleaners available. By killing off 99% of germs and bacteria they are also much more hygienic than regular cleaning methods.
  • Because they are fast and efficient, hot water pressure washers use less water and detergents, making them much more environmentally friendly.
  • Overall, these factors make hot power washers noticeably more cost-effective than regular pressure washers. With less water and detergent used and greatly reduced cleaning times, your hot water pressure washer will pay for itself in the long term.

Who We Are

Since 1988 A1 Pressure Washers have been supplying the highest quality pressure cleaners to customers throughout south-eastern England. We provide services to both commercial and domestic clients and have built an overall reputation for excellent customer service. From small machines suitable for domestic use to high-powered industrial machines we can supply everything you need for a superior cleaning job.

Over the years we have developed close links with many leading cleaner brands and have become the main regional distributor of Mazzoni and Karcher products. We offer free delivery on all purchases over £100 as well as a 12-month warranty on all new equipment. We also offer free on-site demonstrations and training for all commercial products, in addition to 24-hour emergency support.

A1 Pressure Washers

To find out more about our range of hot pressure washers visit our online store today. You can contact us via phone, or email by using our online form. You can also visit us at our Ipswich store during business hours or by appointment on Saturdays. For the best quality hot water pressure washers available, contact A1 Pressure Washers today!

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