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How to Power Wash A Driveway Safely

If your driveway is becoming grimy and covered in unsightly stains, then it is a good idea to learn the best way to power wash driveways. Not only will a dirty driveway look unsightly, but it can also weaken or damage the surface. While a broom or garden hose can deal with small amounts of dirt, using a portable power washer will make sure all stains are completely removed. So what is the best way to use a driveway cleaner machine safely? Can you damage concrete by power washing? Below are some tips on the safest way to power wash driveways.

Steps To Power Wash Driveways Safely

To make sure your portable power washer cleans your driveway thoroughly and safely, you should do the following:

1. Clear away any debris or loose items such as stones or debris. Protect any walls, doors or surfaces from flying debris by putting a cover over them. Also, check to see where the water will flow when you begin washing.

2. If using a cold water washer, use a degreaser to loosen the stains on the surface. This will make stain removal with the driveway cleaner machine easier.

3. Prepare the power washer according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Make sure to use the right pressure nozzle for the job: low pressure for detergent, high pressure for rinsing. Avoid using high-pressure nozzles on bricks.

4. Use the cleaner to apply a detergent to the driveway surface. Start at the top of the driveway and sweep the spray back and forth over the surface. Let it stand for 15 minutes once finished.

5. Switch to a high-pressure nozzle to thoroughly rinse the area. Follow the same sweeping pattern as before to remove both the detergent and any stains.

6. Once cleaning is finished and the driveway is dry, apply a sealant to prevent stains from taking hold. Allow a day for it to set before using your driveway.

Risks From Power Washing Driveways

Before cleaning with a portable power washer, you may ask: can you damage concrete by power washing? There are a couple of risks to be aware of when you power wash driveways:

Ensure you use the right nozzle. Using a high-pressure nozzle on bricks or a paved surface can cause serious degradation. It can also destroy the mortar and joint sand between the bricks or slabs, causing them to come loose.

Also, a lot of damage can be caused by inexperienced use of power washers. Try practicing with one first in a separate area. Avoid pointing the spray directly at any surfaces and angle it instead. Also, avoid spraying one area for too long and make sure to clean in an ongoing sweeping pattern.

Using A1 Pressure Washers

At A1 Pressure Washers we have a range of Karcher pressure washers suitable for any driveway cleaning job. Visit our electric pressure washer page for my details. For the best equipment to power wash driveways contact A1 Pressure Washers today!

The Best Window Vac in the UK

For a quick and efficient way to clean glass surfaces, there is one product you can easily call the best window vac. The Karcher window cleaner range can clean glass surfaces three times faster than other cleaners. This electric window cleaner easily vacuums up water and moisture and leaves surfaces dry and free of streaks. The Karcher window vacuum is compact and portable, so you can use it on any window, mirror or smooth surface. Here are some of the reasons why Karcher can lay claim to having the best window vac in the UK.

Karcher - Best Window Vac

Benefits of the Karcher Window Cleaner

Here are some of the best reasons to use the Karcher electric window cleaner:

• Cleaning windows through traditional methods can be difficult and time consuming. At the same time using a professional cleaning company can prove expensive. The Karcher window vacuum will give you professional-level results without the hassle and at less cost.

• The Karcher vacuum uses the PowerSqueegee technology for a more efficient clean. While normal squeegees can remove water quickly they can leave drips and streaks in their wake. Using the PowerSqueegee the cleaner vacuums up all fluid as it goes, leaving no marks or stains behind.

• The Karcher vacuum is powered by a long-lasting rechargeable ion-lithium battery. The battery enables the vacuum to clean all the windows in an average home when fully charged. In addition, the battery is extremely durable and designed to last the life of the product without the need for replacement.

• While we recommend using this window cleaner with Karcher’s own Window Cleaner Concentrate for its superior quality, you can use any cleaning solution you desire, even water and vinegar.

• All window vacs are covered by the Karcher’s Rapid Exchange Program. If your product becomes damaged you can send it back and quickly receive a replacement at no extra cost.

Since 2008 Karcher have been revolutionising cleaning products with its range of window vacuums. Today over 25 million have been sold worldwide. With positive feedback from customers it is easy to see why it is considered the best window vac.

How to Use the Karcher Electric Window Cleaner

The Karcher window cleaner is easy to use. Just follow these steps:

1. Fill the spray bottle with cleaning solution. This can either be Karcher’s own Window Cleaner Concentrate or your own preferred cleaning solution.
2. Spray the surface thoroughly with the cleaning solution.
3. Use the supplied microfibre cloth to loosen any dirt. Make sure the cloth spreads the solution over the surface.
4. Use the window vac to clean up the solution and any dirt.

Once complete your surface will be left clean and free of any streaks or marks. The window vacuum comes with one spray bottle with attached microfibre cloth and a large bottle of Window Cleaner Concentrate. Visit our range of Karcher window vac products for more details. For the best window vac in the UK, look for Karcher at A1 Pressure Washers today.

Which Steam Cleaners Are The Best 2020

Cleaning is one of those tedious chores that you can run from but never hide! So, why not take a literal load off yourself by choosing the powerful cleaning power of steam over regular vacuum cleaners? A traditional vacuum cleaner reaches only surface dust, while steam cleaners are able to clean deep into the carpet base and fibres to remove dirt, allergens, germs and odours. Best of all, they are a friend to the environment as they use no harsh chemicals or detergents at all; just water which turns into steam…

Harnessing steam power makes steamers a cost-effective solution, and they are gentle, safe and natural. They heat up quickly and easily, and effortlessly loosen and dissolve dirt, which means no more scrubbing! With the correct attachment – they can reach and clean every corner of your home, office or any other space you wish to deep clean. Feel free to add essential oils or lemon if you want a nice and fresh scent.

In today’s modern world of 2020, we are bombarded with pollution wherever we go. With the addition of Coronavirus, we need to be even more aware about the hygiene and cleanliness of our homes, schools and offices. Heat treatment has shown to be effective in killing Coronavirus. The Government even advises to use a steam cleaner machine to disinfect and sanitise items; especially ones used by multiple people. Steam cleaners can even remove dust mites from mattresses, bedding and pillows.

Karcher has test certificates showing that their steam cleaners kill up to 99.999% of bacteria and viruses, including Coronavirus, with just steam spot cleaning of 30 seconds.

There are three main types of steam cleaner: cylinder steam cleaners, steam mops, and two-in-one steam cleaners which detach to handheld.

But which steam cleaners should you consider? Let’s look at which steam cleaners are the best for 2020.

Which Steam Cleaners Are The Best 2020 - Karcher SC 1 Easyfix Handheld Steam Cleaner

Karcher SC1 Easyfix Handheld Steam Cleaner

The Karcher Handheld Steam Cleaner is the best steam cleaner handheld unit. It is lightweight and comes with a floor mop extension, as well as a variety of multifunctional attachments designed for any household cleaning job. This steam cleaner is sturdy and compact, and scores top marks for versatility. In addition, it gives great cleaning results on all surfaces including flooring, windows, kitchen and bathroom tasks.

Karcher SC3 Upright Steam Cleaner

This high-performance steam cleaning mop has a short heat-up time of just 30 seconds. It is the best steam cleaner for tile cleaning. Thanks to its ergonomic design it is suitable for any person’s height. The SC3 upright has a slimline design so it takes up little space, but is still strong enough to tackle all manner of cleaning work! The machine regulates perfect, and there is a removable tank which is easy to refill at any time.

Karcher SC5 EasyFix Premium Steam Cleaner

Sporting an impressive 4.2 bar steam pressure, the powerful top-of-the-range steam cleaner is the Karcher SC5 EasyFix. It is a large cylinder model that comes standard with a variety of accessories, tools, attachments and brushes. The SC5 is recommended for cleaning every part of your home. The high-capacity 1.5L water tank and 0.5L steam boiler reservoir means you won’t run out of steam in a hurry. The water tank is completely detachable to facilitate uninterrupted cleaning. Despite the size of the water tank, it heats up quickly in just three minutes, and provides an excellent and steady range of variable steam.

It leaves ceramic tiles and vinyl flooring shiny, without the need to do any scrubbing. Windows and shower stalls are cleaned spotlessly, streak-free and dry fast. It removes stubborn stains that tend to collect on carpeting. Mould and limescale accumulation in the bathroom is also no match for the SC5’s superior cleaning abilities. It even sanitises and cleans toilets, and powers away tough grease on oven doors, microwaves, hobs and exhaust hoods.

This unit features VapoHydro technology for tackling even the most stubborn toughest dirt. It works by combining powerful steam with a blast of hot water.

A very useful addition is the steam pressure iron connection. This means it can be adapted into a gentle steam cleaning iron for clothing, fabric, upholstery, tablecloths, curtains and much more. Steam cleaning irons are much gentler on fabrics and faster than normal irons.

Karcher are market leaders in professional quality steam cleaning machines. They boast a vast range, making it easier to know which steam cleaners are best for your specific cleaning needs. They range from light household tasks to heavy industrial usage.

Simply put, a steamer is one of the most valuable investments you’ll ever make. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any additional questions.