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Mazzoni Boiler With Electric Box

Mazzoni Boiler Unit for vehicles & trailers

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Maximum heating and minimum levels of polluting emissions  in the environment. Mazzoni boilers are built with safety and quality ‘guaranteed.  Designed for maximum heat output.

For installation of the boiler on vehicles that are subjects to vibrations and oscillations we advise the boiler with centring ring which blocks the coil.

* Boiler with centring ring mounted

Codebarl/minCoil(mt)Coil(Ø)NozzleElectrov.Volts-HzKcal/hKg/h”1,2512 V DC12V460004,73 *25015243/8”1,2512 V DC12V460004,73”1,2524 V DC24V460004,73 *25015243/8”1,2524 V DC24V460004,73”1,2524 V AC*220V(50Hz)460004,73”224 V DC*220V(50Hz)800007,56 *25020353/8”224 V DC*220V(50Hz)800007,56”224 V DC*24V800007,56”212 V DC*12V800007,56 *25020353/8”212 V DC*12V800007,56”2,2524 V AC*220V(50Hz)900008,5”2,2524 V DC24V900008,5 *25025353/8”2,2524 V DC24V900008,5”2,2512 V DC12V900008,5 *25025353/8”2,2512 V DC12V900008,5”2,2524 V AC*220V(50Hz)900008,5”2,2524 V AC*24V900008,5”2,2524 V AC*12V900008,5 *35025353/8”2,2524 V AC*12V900008,5,51/2”2,512 V DC12V1100009,45 *3503038,51/2”2,512 V DC12V1100009,45,51/2”2,524 V DC24V1100009,45 *3503038,51/2”2,524 V DC24V1100009,45,51/2”2,524 V AC*220V(50Hz)1100009,45”2,2524 V AC*220V (50Hz)800007,56,51/2”2,52,512V1100009,45,51/2”2,524 V AC*24V1100009,45,51/2”2,52,5220V(50Hz)1100009,45

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