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The Best Window Vac in the UK

For a quick and efficient way to clean glass surfaces, there is one product you can easily call the best window vac. The Karcher window cleaner range can clean glass surfaces three times faster than other cleaners. This electric window cleaner easily vacuums up water and moisture and leaves surfaces dry and free of streaks. The Karcher window vacuum is compact and portable, so you can use it on any window, mirror or smooth surface. Here are some of the reasons why Karcher can lay claim to having the best window vac in the UK.

Karcher - Best Window Vac

Benefits of the Karcher Window Cleaner

Here are some of the best reasons to use the Karcher electric window cleaner:

• Cleaning windows through traditional methods can be difficult and time consuming. At the same time using a professional cleaning company can prove expensive. The Karcher window vacuum will give you professional-level results without the hassle and at less cost.

• The Karcher vacuum uses the PowerSqueegee technology for a more efficient clean. While normal squeegees can remove water quickly they can leave drips and streaks in their wake. Using the PowerSqueegee the cleaner vacuums up all fluid as it goes, leaving no marks or stains behind.

• The Karcher vacuum is powered by a long-lasting rechargeable ion-lithium battery. The battery enables the vacuum to clean all the windows in an average home when fully charged. In addition, the battery is extremely durable and designed to last the life of the product without the need for replacement.

• While we recommend using this window cleaner with Karcher’s own Window Cleaner Concentrate for its superior quality, you can use any cleaning solution you desire, even water and vinegar.

• All window vacs are covered by the Karcher’s Rapid Exchange Program. If your product becomes damaged you can send it back and quickly receive a replacement at no extra cost.

Since 2008 Karcher have been revolutionising cleaning products with its range of window vacuums. Today over 25 million have been sold worldwide. With positive feedback from customers it is easy to see why it is considered the best window vac.

How to Use the Karcher Electric Window Cleaner

The Karcher window cleaner is easy to use. Just follow these steps:

1. Fill the spray bottle with cleaning solution. This can either be Karcher’s own Window Cleaner Concentrate or your own preferred cleaning solution.
2. Spray the surface thoroughly with the cleaning solution.
3. Use the supplied microfibre cloth to loosen any dirt. Make sure the cloth spreads the solution over the surface.
4. Use the window vac to clean up the solution and any dirt.

Once complete your surface will be left clean and free of any streaks or marks. The window vacuum comes with one spray bottle with attached microfibre cloth and a large bottle of Window Cleaner Concentrate. Visit our range of Karcher window vac products for more details. For the best window vac in the UK, look for Karcher at A1 Pressure Washers today.