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Karcher Soaker Hose 25m

£26.99 Ex VAT

This garden soaker hose is perfect for watering hedges and bushes, supplying water exactly where it is needed most. Maintain your garden with this essential Kärcher watering solution.

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This 25m soaker hose is a key component of the Kärcher Rain System. Water drips from the hose evenly over the entire length of the hose, and lands precisely where it’s needed, ensuring efficient watering of hedges and bushes. The Kärcher soaker hose can be shortened to suit requirements of your garden, and can be extended by using I-connectors, or branched with T-connectors up to 50m. Thanks to the laterally adjustable tee, the required water quantity for the soaker hose can be optimally adjusted. The two-ply hose is free of harmful chemicals including phthalates, cadmium, barium and lead, meaning it is ideal for use on all plants without posing a risk to health. The hose can be installed easily, and can be operated with up to 2 bar.

Features and benefits

Soaker hose for the Kärcher Rain System
  • Direct watering along the plants.
Can be extended up to 50m
  • Even application over the entire length of the hose.
Phthalate-free quality garden hose
  • Environmentally friendly
Cadmium, barium and lead-free
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Hose can remain outside in winter.
The optimal pressure for the soaker hose is 2 bar
  • Even application over the entire length of the hose.
Can also be used underground
  • The soaker hose can be buried under a loose layer of soil up to 5 cm deep.
25 m length

Technical data

Diameter 1/2″
Hose length (m) 25
Max. pressure (bar) 4
Output volume at 4 bar 25
Weight (kg) 1.3
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 235 x 455 x 29


  • Winter proof