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Commercial Pressure Washers Engine Driven

Sometimes only a pressure washer engine will do the job. Lighter pressure washers are ideal for domestic use around the home. But in a commercial setting you need something with the power to clean fast and deep. Here at A1 Pressure Washers we have over 30 years’ experience in the business. We specialise in supplying commercial jet wash equipment. So if you’re looking for a high pressure jet washer for those tougher jobs, you’re in the right place.

High Pressure Jet Washer With A Diesel Engine

One of the key benefits of an engine driven pressure washer is power. But they are also built to be durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. The additional power means even the biggest jobs are completed more quickly and efficiently.

Because the machine produces its own energy, an engine driven washer doesn’t need to be near an electrical power supply. This is a major benefit for outdoor jobs, such as cleaning a fleet of vehicles. For many businesses a commercial jet wash is not just desirable, but essential.


The Mazzoni range of engine driven pressure washers is ideally suited to the cleaning of large vehicles and machines. This is a brand that’s well known for its quality.

A1 Pressure Washers is the sole UK distributor for Mazzoni, so if you need any advice, please ask.

Mazzoni WSFV4000

This stainless static hot water pressure washer engine is perfect for machinery and vehicle cleaning. It features a 10 litre water tank, and accessories can be easily fixed to the automatic stainless steel spray gun. Its stainless steel chassis and cabinet make it durable enough for the toughest jobs.

Mazzoni WD21-400/5025/6050

This professional hot water pressure washer is powered by a Lombardini diesel engine. It’s perfect for drain jetting, road cleaning, shipbuilding, valeting and many other industries where extra cleaning power is needed.

Mazzoni KSF400 400V

This cold water high pressure jet washer is housed in a stationary stainless steel unit. Its resistance to corrosion makes it ideal for any environment, including the food industry and leisure facilities. It’s quick coupling stainless steel lance makes it easy to use.

Mazzoni WSF6000

Ideal for vehicle and machinery cleaning, this hot water pressure washer delivers 30 litres per minute. It features an MEC series electric induction motor, and the chassis and boiler are durable stainless steel.

Mazzoni WSF5000

With its electric induction motor, this hot water washer is ideal for environments where regular cleaning is required. Build quality and safety features are key elements of this design.

Mazzoni WSF4050

The WSF4050 offers a cost-effective way to provide regular and efficient cleaning in a commercial environment. Its electric induction motor provides additional power, while the automatic spray gun and accessories offer greater convenience.

A1 Pressure Washers

Here at A1 Pressure Washers we specialise in equipment for use in commercial and industry. That means we understand the needs of our customers, and want to supply them with the best. Take a look at the products we offer, and please contact us if you need any help or advice.