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The Best Hard Floor Cleaner for Commercial Flooring

When it comes to the best hard floor cleaner for all kinds of commercial flooring, Karcher are the leaders in the industry. Karcher has been on the cutting edge of commercial floor cleaning technology for almost a century. Today, Karcher manufacture a range of floor cleaning products that are designed for the most efficient clean, leaving floors dry and safe. So, what makes Karcher the best hard floor cleaner, and what floors can it be used on? Here is a guide as to why Karcher makes the best hard floor cleaners for commercial flooring.

Features of Karcher Floor Cleaners

Our Karcher commercial floor cleaners have the following features:

  • Washes and vacuums floors at the same time for the most efficient clean.
  • The unique roller or disc design allows you to efficiently clean in the most compact of spaces.
  • Cleans and dries floors in just two minutes.
  • The separate tank design feeds clean water into the rollers while collecting dirty water into another tank, ensuring the two do not mix.
  • Saves up to 90% less water compared to a traditional mop and bucket.

Types of Commercial Flooring

What makes Karcher the best hard floor cleaner is the wide variety of commercial flooring it can be used on:

  • Carpets and carpet tiles, found in many offices and boardrooms.
  • Concrete used in factory floors and warehouses.
  • Wooden flooring found in many bars and restaurants.
  • Laminated floors found in areas like hospitals and fitness centres.
  • Vinyl floors found in places such as day care centres and schools.
  • External flooring options such as paved bricks and streets.

Our Karcher Floor Cleaners

We have a variety of Karcher floor scrubbers suitable for commercial floor cleaning:

  • Walk behind scrubber dryers allow you to clean anywhere including hallways, corners and cluttered spaces. They are easy to manoeuvre and perform quietly.
  • Ride on scrubber dryers are easy to operate: just sit on top and drive the floor cleaner where you need to clean. These scrubber dryers are perfect for large spaces.
  • Step on scrubber dryers combine the convenience of ride ons with the compactness of walk behinds. These are very easy to use and allow for all round visibility while cleaning.
  • Single disc machines are excellent for a range of smooth and carpeted surfaces. These are perfect for vinyl and laminated floors.
  • Polishing machines can help bring the shine back to your old floors. Perfect for hard floors that receive a lot of traffic.
  • Stair and escalator cleaners can leave moving travelators and escalators clean quickly and efficiently.

A1 Pressure Washers

Here at A1 Pressure Washers, we supply only the best hard floor cleaners from the Karcher line. We offer walk behinds, step ons, ride ons and other floor cleaner types. To find out more about our range of floor scrubber machines, we invite you to browse our online store or speak with our friendly team today. For the best hard floor cleaners around, speak with us at A1 Pressure Washers today.