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How to Power Wash A Driveway Safely

If your driveway is becoming grimy and covered in unsightly stains, then it is a good idea to learn the best way to power wash driveways. Not only will a dirty driveway look unsightly, but it can also weaken or damage the surface. While a broom or garden hose can deal with small amounts of dirt, using a portable power washer will make sure all stains are completely removed. So what is the best way to use a driveway cleaner machine safely? Can you damage concrete by power washing? Below are some tips on the safest way to power wash driveways.

Steps To Power Wash Driveways Safely

To make sure your portable power washer cleans your driveway thoroughly and safely, you should do the following:

1. Clear away any debris or loose items such as stones or debris. Protect any walls, doors or surfaces from flying debris by putting a cover over them. Also, check to see where the water will flow when you begin washing.

2. If using a cold water washer, use a degreaser to loosen the stains on the surface. This will make stain removal with the driveway cleaner machine easier.

3. Prepare the power washer according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Make sure to use the right pressure nozzle for the job: low pressure for detergent, high pressure for rinsing. Avoid using high-pressure nozzles on bricks.

4. Use the cleaner to apply a detergent to the driveway surface. Start at the top of the driveway and sweep the spray back and forth over the surface. Let it stand for 15 minutes once finished.

5. Switch to a high-pressure nozzle to thoroughly rinse the area. Follow the same sweeping pattern as before to remove both the detergent and any stains.

6. Once cleaning is finished and the driveway is dry, apply a sealant to prevent stains from taking hold. Allow a day for it to set before using your driveway.

Risks From Power Washing Driveways

Before cleaning with a portable power washer, you may ask: can you damage concrete by power washing? There are a couple of risks to be aware of when you power wash driveways:

Ensure you use the right nozzle. Using a high-pressure nozzle on bricks or a paved surface can cause serious degradation. It can also destroy the mortar and joint sand between the bricks or slabs, causing them to come loose.

Also, a lot of damage can be caused by inexperienced use of power washers. Try practicing with one first in a separate area. Avoid pointing the spray directly at any surfaces and angle it instead. Also, avoid spraying one area for too long and make sure to clean in an ongoing sweeping pattern.

Using A1 Pressure Washers

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