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Karcher Deluxe Irrigation Set

£199.99 Ex VAT

The Kärcher Deluxe Irrigation Set is the ideal set for your garden. It enables you to achieve targeted, moisture-controlled watering. The system can be perfectly adapted to suit any garden.

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The Kärcher Deluxe irrigation kit is the perfect addition to your garden. Ideal for garden lovers, it allows you to achieve targeted, moisture-controlled watering. This system can be perfectly adapted to suit any garden and works perfectly in conjunction with the SensoTimer to provide a watering system based on the needs of your garden. This set is perfect for watering hedges, bushes, flowerbeds and vegetable patches. The ST6 Duo allows you to connect two hoses to your tap, monitoring the moisture level in two separate locations, offering a targeted watering solution. This means you will never have to worry about your garden becoming too dry or wet, as the moisture sensors monitor the moisture level to ensure your garden is only watered when needed. This kit includes: ST6 Duo Ecologic, 2 moisture sensors, 10m pearl hose, 15m and 10m rain system hose, 4 T-connectors with water-flow regulation, 4 I-Connectors, 10 drip nozzles, 15 micro-spray nozzles, 10 sealing collars for resealing holes, 15 hose spikes to fix the hoses, 5 hose stops, 1 filter, 2 connectors and 1 G1 tap adapter with G3/4 reducer.

Features and benefits

Complete kit
  • Complete Kärcher Rain System starter kit.
  • Ready to use: All system-relevant components are included in the kit.
Moisture controlled watering
  • Efficient, water-saving and need-based watering of plants.
Individual setting of watering frequency
  • Need-based watering.
Drip collar with water volume regulation
  • Targeted and need-based watering of plants.
Fixed to the Kärcher Rain System hose
  • Flexible and precise mounting.
Drip collar with integrated needle
  • Installation without the use of tools.
Resealable drip collar
  • Collars can be flexibly placed and removed as required.
Complete set that is easy to set up
  • No complicated planning required.
Integrated Kärcher Rain System hose
  • Extremely flexible for fitting.
T-piece with water volume regulation
  • Optimal water volume regulation for the drip hose.

Technical data

Max. pressure (bar) 4
Weight (kg) 0.6
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 385 x 291 x 112


  • Water volume can be regulated
  • Includes filter
  • T-connectors with regulation, 4 piece(s)
  • I-connectors, 4 piece(s)
  • Hose stop, 5 piece(s)
  • Drip nozzles, 10 piece(s)
  • Sealing collars, 10 piece(s)
  • Hose spikes, 15 piece(s)
  • Trickle hose, 10 m
  • Kärcher Rain System® hose, 1/2″
  • Connector, 2 piece(s)
  • Tap adaptor with reducer, G1, G3/4, 1 piece(s)
  • 360° micro spray nozzles, 3 piece(s)
  • 180° micro spray nozzles, 6 piece(s)
  • 90° micro spray nozzles, 6 piece(s)
  • SensoTimer ST 6 Duo ecologic
  • Moisture sensor, 2 piece(s)
  • Batteries required