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Hot water high pressure washer trailer | DiBO 350bar 18ltrs P/min

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The DiBO JMB-M hot water high pressure washer trailer knows a varied applicability, certainly in places where there is no electricity, due to its on-board power source and self-contained operation. This JMB-M is equipped with the latest green technologies, like our very own GreenBoiler, which provides a considerable fuel saving. Likewise the Intercooling system, where water from the tank is used for engine cooling and preheating through the heat exchanger, creates a fuel saving of 15% for the burner.
Moreover, the diesel engine is cooled even more by means of a supplementary air cooling system for the engine compartment. Keeping in mind the environment, we installed an auto-stop system as to make the engine stop when there is no cleaning activity for 30 minutes. What’s more, it is possible to clean at less than 85dB when the trailer is completely closed. The green idea of DiBO returns repeatedly: like in the green coloured aerodynamic polyethylene case, which can be opened completely.

The JMB-M+ version includes:

• New, advanced track & trace system
• Electronic level indication for fuel and water tank
• Electronic gas regulation with automatic speed control

Product specifications

  • New operating panel with digital display and joystick:
    • Everything visible at a glance. Easy to adjust with a handy joystick and to operate with gloves.
    • Electronic setting of the temperature (exact & constant)
    • Electronic control with pressure gauge, hour counter, maintenance information, error messages and device functions that facilitate maintenance.
    • The digital display indicates continuously the status of the machine and alarm.
  • Modern & aerodynamic design for less air resistance
  • UV-resistant double-walled housing in rotation moulded polyethylene >>> sound insulated: ˂ 85 dB
  • Galvanized trailer fitted with support and swivel wheel with rotation casted polyethylene housing (light-weight)

Technical specifications

  • High-tech heating system:
    • 110 kW GreenBoiler for a greater efficiency > 92%
    • 18% fuel saving
    • Low CO2 emission
    • Low maintenance cost
  • 110 kW GreenBoiler + 20 kW Intercooling = 130 kW heating power
  • Industrial diesel engine with preheating of the water in the tank via heat exchanger. This saves up 15 % fuel for the burner
  • 33 % total fuel saving by combining GreenBoiler and heat exchanger
  • Radial high pressure pump with 3 ceramic plungers and stainless steel valves
  • Boiler with independent motor fitted and fuel valve with electronic ignition
  • 12 V operating voltage for electronic control and for the burner
  • Washable water filter
  • Run dry protection on the water and fuel tank
  • Ingenious start/stop system at the JMB-M 500/30 >>> 8 – 10% fuel saving
  • Auto-stop system stops the engine after 30 min. without spraying activity
  • Trailer version: galvanized trailer fitted with support and swivel wheel with rotation casted polyethylene housing (light- weight)
  • Prepared for a specially cushioned axle (in line with German law)
  • Automatic pre-glowing
  • 450 l built-in water tank (only for TG and S version)
  • Pressure reduction up to 10 bar with sealed gun
  • Stepless pressure and flow regulation via speed engine governor (manually (standard) or electronically (“+” version))
  • Digital control and reporting on display of :
    • motor functions
    • flame monitoring
    • water level (*)
    • fuel level (*)
  • Automatic idling (*)
  • Track & Trace system (*), including information on
    • Working hours burner & machine
    • Errors visible from a distance
    • Location of the machine
    • Location history
    • Error messages history